"WILDCAT" Baseball/Softball
Spring 2019 

** Game times will be announced at a later date.

February 27Rocky Mount PrepHome
March 6Edenton (Baseball Only)Away5:00 
March 8Rocky Mount Prep Away  4:30
March 11TEACHHome4:30
March 12Washington (Baseball Only)Home4:30
March 13WashingtonAway5:00
March 18Hatteras (Softball Only)Away4:30
March 19MattamuskeetHome4:30
March 21EdentonHome5:00
March 26 Cape Hatteras Home 5:00 
March 28 Bear Grass Away 6:00 
April 2 Ocracoke Home 5:00 
April 4 Mattamuskeet Away  6:00
April 9TEACHAway4:00
April 10Edenton (Softball Only)Away6:00
April 11Cape HatterasAway6:00
April 16 Bear Grass ** Home 5:00 
April 18OcracokeAway4:00

* Dates and/or times are subject to change.            

Monday, April 29th - 1st Round of conference tournament ( 5 @ 4 )

Tuesday, April 30th - Semifinals of conference tournament ( 4/5 @ 1, 3 @ 2 )

Thursday, May 2nd - Conference Tournament

Principal:   Mr. William Ziegler 

Athletic Director:  Mrs. Shelia Cumiskey

Baseball Coach:  Mr. Steve Ralph

Softball Coach:  Mr. Ron Ambrose       

First Responder:  Mr. Bobby Swain                





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