2020-2021 School Year Remote Instruction Information » CHS Remote Instruction Overview

CHS Remote Instruction Overview

This year is going to start a little differently than in years past, Tyrrell County Schools will be operating through 100% Remote Instruction to start. This plan will be reevaluated as we progress with the ultimate goal being every student we serve back on campus for face to face instruction!
We have learned a great deal about remote learning and remote teaching since March and have developed a plan to engage, teach, learn, and grow!
An overview of the CHS Remote Instruction Outline is below:
  • All CHS teachers will use Canvas as their hub for providing instruction and receiving student work/assignments.
    Canvas is a Learning Management System that is developed specifically for the remote learning environment.
    • Canvas will keep items organized and easy to find. It also works with PowerSchool Gradebook for accurate grades.
    • Every student at CHS has a Canvas account that is accessed through NCEdCloud.
  • Peer interaction is incredibly important, therefore, each CHS class will hold daily 30 min live virtual sessions through Google Meet. The classes will run in a similar manner as a traditional school day:
    • 9-9:30: 1st block;
    • 9:45-10:15: 2nd block;
    • 10:30-11: 3rd block;
    • 11:15-11:45: 4th block
    • Each live session will be recorded and then uploaded on a flash drive for students that may not have a reliable internet connection.
  • Teachers will be available Monday-Friday from 7:30AM-8:45; 12-3:30 to provide additional support to individual students (telephone, video conference, email).
  • The menu bar on the left offers additional parent and student resources