STUDENT SHOUTOUTS! » Recognizing our Wildcats for their daily engagement, responsibility and good work!

Recognizing our Wildcats for their daily engagement, responsibility and good work!

  • Reagan Phelps- Being on time and submitting excellent work before it is due!
  • Lee Scripture- Being on time and doing an excellent job reading and participating in class daily!
  • Ananya Childs- Being on time and participating daily!
  • Sarai Dominguez-Raygoza- Being on time and completing excellent work!
  • Takayah Basnight- Takayah is doing a wonderful job on staying up to date with her assignments. She always participates in my class. She has already demonstrated so much growth from middle school science. Keep up the good work Takayah!!
  • ALL SPANISH 1- Always on time, Ready to work, Very Participative, Accomplish all work given, Hard working and dedicated students, eager to learn
  • Armando Aguilar-AJ answers and asks questions continuously during live meetings. When he's not in the meet we all know he's absent. He works to understand the material and lets me know that he understands it. If he can't attend a meeting he lets me know he won't be in the live session.
  • Phillip Morris-Phillip has been in attendance for EVERY live meeting. He even attended class when he was sick. When Phillip gets on the meet he always greets me with a "howdy". He is completing his work and taking notes.
  • Ryan Davenport-Ryan has yet to miss any classes. He participates in every activity. He goes along with the flow and I appreciate having him in class every day.
  • Ryan Davenport- Ryan has attended ALL live sessions. He greets me as he enters class, now that I complained to him about not greeting me 🤣. He asks questions and answers questions. He signs on a few minutes before class starts and is attentive during class.
  • Koelyn Edwards-Always participates in class
  • Aaron Lopez-Always on time for class and participates in discussions
  • Mariana Valadez-Gomez- Attends class and participates
  • Payton Jackson- Payton has worked hard on his assignments and is completing all of them!
  • Deyleny Hinojosa-Garcia- Deyleny Hinojosa-Garcia is a member of CHS Poetry Club. Over the past few weeks, she has been writing an villanelle, a metered, rhymed structure of a poem. She wrote it on teenage thoughts about mental health issues, especially anxiety and depression. It is at the publishable stage. Wish her well as she sends it off to a publisher!
All past Teacher nominated Shout-Outs!
Thank you students for everything you do!  
Maddy VanHorn
Michael Cox
Wyatt Phelps
Destinee Etheridge
Steve Bonilla
Harmony Pope
Isiys Marner
Mary Scott
Karly Davis
Bryson Spear
Autumn Clifton
In'lkia Combs
Alyssa James
Amiyah Cox
Samuel Olecki
Kaylyn Varner
Jacob Fauth
David Olsen
Skylar Roughton
Alaina Sawyer
Michael Bonilla
Layla Beals
Amiyah Cox
Steve Bonilla
Deyleny Hinojosa
Jonah Hassell
Gibram Ruelas-Silva
Milly Cisneros
Parker Cooper
Mary Scott Jackson
Mary Scott Jackson
Leticia Gonzalez
Raquel Gutierrez
Samuel Clough
Aaron Lopez
Jaysiya Norman
Paul Barrios
Kamiya Hill