CHS Benchmark Testing

Good afternoon,

This is a message from Columbia High School.  Beginning, Monday Feb 22, CHS will start benchmark testing.  The benchmark exams will be administered through Schoolnet.  Your student has used this platform in the past and so they are familiar with it and teachers have discussed how to access the exams with the students.  

We understand the challenges that this pandemic has caused, especially in regards to availability.  Because of this, the exams will open on Monday and close on Friday- this gives students a week to complete their benchmark exam.  

Also, please keep in mind that CHS teachers continue to offer tutorial sessions after live and face to face classes.  If your student is experiencing any difficulty, please encourage them to speak with their teacher and arrange extra support.  We, like you, want your child to succeed!  

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school at 796-8161.
William Ziegler