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Hi, I'm Bill Ziegler, Principal at Columbia High School.  My family (wife and daughters) moved to Tyrrell county from Pennsylvania in 2012 and have never looked back, we absolutely love it here- here is home for us.  Besides being outdoors, my passion is education, because I truly believe that with a solid education, a person has unlimited potential-if you can read, then you can learn, and if you can learn then you can do, and if you can do, then you will succeed! 


Columbia High School is realizing our vision- that EVERY student will graduate ready for college or career!  Our students are receiving an education that I would gladly compare with any other district.   At CHS, students are earning their Associate degree before graduating high school!  In the last four years, CHS students have earned thousands of college credits, yes, thousands- saving students and their families’ time and money.  In fact, Columbia High School has the largest percentage of dually enrolled students in the state!   The Early College program at Columbia aligns directly with our Career and Technical Education options; we are meeting the students where their interests are.  By providing options, we allow students to either hone in on their future career plans or explore their curiosities.  Our team of experts (guidance counselor, early college liaison, career and development coordinator, and early college coordinator) meets with each of our students to create individual schedules based on their goals. We are providing an education that the students need, but more importantly, an education that they will use!


Without question, Columbia High School, with our amazing staff, community and partnerships are changing student outcomes, improving lives, and making dreams a reality. 


If you would like to learn more, please call, email or stop in!

William Ziegler  - Principal


252-796-8161 ext. 273