Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet - Bringing Awareness to Online Dangers

The purpose of this video is to bring awareness to the dangers that kids face online. It’s meant to serve as a tool and resource for both parents and children when it comes to using the internet. In 2020 as our country moved into a pandemic, there were more adults and children engaging in virtual work and virtual learning. With that trend, we also saw a steady increase in the number of CyberTips from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), individuals looking for opportunities to victimize some of the most vulnerable in our society. There are serious dangers and consequences to kids being exposed to adult pornography as well as becoming victims of child exploitation/solicitation. Awareness to these dangers can aide parents as they provide guidance, as well as help inform students so they can make wise choices on the internet. Our hope is for children to be as safe as possible while using all types of technology and devices online.