Board of Education Highlights and Recognitions

On February 6th, we held the second Board of Education meeting of the semester, and had a great turnout of parents come to appreciate staff and student excellence over the past month.

Our second and third place CMS spelling bee winners, Marcus Holloway and Farrah Spencer, were praised by the Board for their success and offered the young intellectuals congratulatory handshakes. We’d also like to thank Ms. Casey Council for sponsoring the spelling bee.

Samuel Webster, who took first place in the CMS spelling bee, received similar recognition, and some. Our student’s essay for the VFW’s Patriot Pen Essay Contest passed on to the regional level, where it was further praised and sent to the state level in Raleigh, where it will be considered for the national competition.
We also recognized the excellent efforts of Mr. Ben O’Kelly and Mr. David Spruill, who are breaking records for number of student CTE certifications. Four students received their WCA2 woodworking credentials: Carson Bryant, Lee Scripture, Leticia Gonzalez, and Maria Martinez. Another four - Tucker Fleming, Saige Roughton, Delayney Hinojosa-Garcia, and Joseph Moran - received their Adobe Premier certificates. In addition, Gustavo Gonzalez, Raquel Gutierrez, Steve Bonilla, Diedra Webb, Ruth Fauth, and Caleb Harris all passed their Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop course as well. A big congratulations to all of them!

Other staff members were also recognized for their contributions to our school. Our CTE Director Shelia Cumiskey was commended for being an outstanding leader in our program and also for the outstanding job she did as interim principal at CHS. She simultaneously maintained a perfect attendance record, along with Andre Bailey, Henry, Kristy Thompson, and our fearless superintendent leader, Dr. Karen Roseboro!

Last but not least, Ms. Mary Alans was recognized for completing her Rethink Education Certification for Blended Learning and Teaching Best Practices. Ms. Chrissy Biggs was recognized for exceeding her reading growth goals in grade 3; Glenna Basnight for exceeding her grade 4 reading growth goals; and Janet Bryant for exceeding her 5th grade math growth goals. We are all so, so proud!