Love The Bus: Bobby Swain

A driver for five years, Mr. Swain takes pride in his job, not only as a safe driver, but as a source of comfort and safety for students. "I'd like to think they all respect me as I respect them," he says, "I consider each and every one of them my students even when they're in school."

As a grandfather, himself, he's attuned to the students' feelings and emotions, and wants to be there for them in whatever capacity they need. "When school is out, I miss them. Or if they don't ride one day, I'm wondering if something is wrong with them."

His passion for students is similar to his passion for family and friends, "for life, itself," he says. In his free time, he likes to hunt, fish, and plan his next holiday costume to wear to work. "I've been Santa, the Grinch, and I have a few more surprises left for the year!"