Tyrrell Elementary Wins "Best Of The Best" Sanitation Award

Tommy Kirkman of Saffelle Inc., and also an alum of TCS, conducted his semi-annual inspection of our school the other day. These inspections are conducted randomly, and schools never know when he might show up at their door. This, it turns out, means little to the great custodial staff we have here at TCS.

Mr. Kirkman, speaking at the March 6th Board of Education meeting, had this to say about our elementary school: “Across all the schools I deal with…Tyrrell Elementary, their classrooms - I don’t know if you’ve all been in them, but there’s a lot of people who care there. The custodial staff, obviously, but the teachers who are in those classrooms? Un-Be-Lievable.” 

Mr. Kirkman was invited Monday night to present the “Best Of The Best” award to TCS for the elementary school’s incredible 98.4 score, which is calculated using a rigorous 5-point grading scale. Next year, our plan is to achieve a perfect 100!

“I would put [TCS] up against any school in the state of North Carolina,” said Mr. Kirkman, as he presented the award to one of our great custodians, Ms. Joann Sawyer, along with a $40 award. A huge shoutout to Joann, as well as Ms. Rosemary Johnson and Mr. Denzel Spruill for the amazing work they do to keep our elementary school clean and comfortable for our students!

And a big thank you Mr. Kirkman for recognizing our hard work and holding us to the highest standards of excellence!