Agriculture and Mechanics Students' "Read Across America" Project

It is impossible to over-estimate the value of bringing together the younger and older students at TCS in a productive and engaging environment, and nobody needs to tell Ms. Atkinson twice! 
For "Read Across America" week, she's teaching her students in a different kind of way. Instead of simply telling them about the importance of community interaction and support, she's showing them. The students of today are tomorrow's community members, and it happens so fast that it feels like only a day has past! It's important that we nurture the understanding that the children are the future, and to instill this in our students as young as in high school. 
Not to mention, the kids love it, and the ability to interact with the older students creates a positive image of what they will become when they're in high school. Thank you Ms. Atkinson, and a special shoutout to the following students who dedicated their time and attention to this project:
Reagan Atkinson
Kayla Spencer
Colby Norman
Carlos Chiprout
Eli Nicholson
Trey Etheridge
Carlos Aguinaga-Garcia
Andi Mora Reyes
Enrique Mora Reyes
Jada Brickhouse
Aleigha Sykes
Jose Aguinaga-Garcia
Emmanuel Cruz
Daniel Cuevas Rodriguez