Student Excellence Alert: Joseph (Stephen) Moran

A big shoutout to our very own Joseph (Stephen) Moran, who, in addition to being an exceptional student, scored a 98 on his ASVAB assessment!

Mr. Fischer-Diotte sat down with Stephen to ask him about the experience and his plans for the future. “I think [the military] would be a good path to look into because of reasons such as getting college paid for, retiring in 20 years, and having job stability. I'm thinking about something in the engineering field although I haven't made any commitments yet. There are a lot of roles in the military besides combat and that's what I'm going to go for.” 

In addition to these ambitions, Mr. Moran is also an honors student, with several certifications in areas such as video editing, photoshop, webpage design and programming. Within the next couple weeks, he’ll add Adobe Illustrator to that list. “I also have certifications from other schools,” he told Mr. Fischer, “in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel, and Servsafe.”

Depending on how he enjoys the military experience, he will either commit to twenty years of service and retire, or receive his degree and take his skills elsewhere. In the meantime, he is planning on taking a 5th year for college credit while he hammers out the details of his plan and prepares for the next step.

It’s safe to say that we at TCS are excited to see where Stephen’s path will take him. Wherever that may be, we see great things in his future!