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COVID-19 Testing Coming Soon

Dear Parents/Guardians – We are excited to announce that starting within the next few weeks we will begin FREE COVID-19 testing at our school!

We will be utilizing routine screening to help keep our community safe. Testing will ONLY be for the students who are registered, and it will be conducted using the gentle nasal swabbing technique (not the kind that tickles the brain!). We encourage everyone to register for this free and effective program.

If you would like to register your child for free COVID-19 testing at school, please register at the links below: Please make sure to select the correct school for your child. Thank you!

Columbia High:

Columbia Middle:

Tyrrell Elementary:

Softball Clinic - Sat. Aug 20th at CHS softball field

9am-12noon ages 6-10
1pm- 4pm 11-15

The registration form can be found on TC Recreation FB page or at TCS Website under Recreation. If you have any questions please call Coach Cole 394 6287 or Coach Liz Moran 394 4373 Thank you!

CHS Volleyball

CHS Volleyball workouts begin Tuesday July 26 at 5pm in CHS gym. Any questions or concerns please call Coach Cole 796 1121 ex 238 THANK YOU!

CHS Football & Soccer Starting Soon!

Family ID is now open for registration for Athletics at CHS during the 2022-2023 school year. CHS Football and CHS Soccer will have workouts on Monday, June 26- Thursday, June 30 at 6:30pm. A current physical is mandatory before trying out, working out or practicing.
If there are any questions please call 252-796-1121 ex 238
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